Dr. Yohan Baek
"...appeal to an older man in the church as your father.  Treat the younger men in the church as your brothers.  Treat the older women (in the church) as your mothers, and treat the younger women (in the church) as your sisters..."  (1 Timothy 5:1-2)

My dear church folks:
You and I have lots of brothers in this church.  We have a lot of spiritual sisters in this church family.  We have some spiritual fathers and some spiritual mothers too.

I hope that you will get to be familiar with our church family's faces and names.  We are going to see these people forever, even in heaven.  Let us cherish all those who our God has given to us as our spiritual family members.

Your brother, Pastor Yohan Baek
Michael Myers
Music Director

Church Staff

Bartina Gonzales
Administrative Assi‚Äčstant

"I will bring them to my Holy mountain and  make them joyful in my house of prayer!"

(Isaiah 56:7)